Sign your team up now! Games are played on Thursday Nights at 7 and 8pm. Call 530-221-1206 with your team name and roster. You may also submit your info online by clicking the "contact to join" button under league info.


League Info:

  • 5 on 5
  • Matches are 8 minutes long
  • The season is 7 weeks long with each team playing 2 matches per night every week.
  • A Championship and 3rd place game will take place on week 8 (only the top 4 seeds play in week 8).
  • Jump socks included and required for each player.
  • T-shirt for each player on championship roster.

League Rules:

  • Size:  Up to 8 teams per league.
  • Match: Team goal is to win as many "games" in every match
  • Game: A game is over when all 5 players on one team are OUT.
  • Points: 1 point for every game won. The team with the most points at the end of the Match is the Match winner.
  • Sudden Death: NO ties, a final regular 6 ball game lasting 5 minutes will be played to determine a match winner.


  • Team Fee: $200 Per Team (5 on 5 play - Up to 8 on a Roster)

Game Rules

  1. If a LIVE ball is caught, the thrower is OUT and the catching team can return a previously eliminated player to the court.
  2. 5 Second Warning: If player(s) are holding a ball & making no attempt to throw, the Ref will start a 5 second Countdown for that ball to be thrown. If not thrown they must relinquish possession to the opposing team. Bouncing a ball, putting it down or passing to another teammate does not reset this time. The goal is to keep the game moving. If there are balls on one side where the team is making no attempt to use them, the referee will begin the 5 second Warning. However, if they are setting them up to use them in succession then that is OK. If the ref starts the 5 second warning on two players at the same time, the balls will be placed in the middle. In the case of a 1 on 1 scenario where one player has more balls than the other, the player that had more balls will toss 1 additional ball into the middle. Teams will start play again at the back wall.
  3. Players CAN be in possession of two balls at a time (maximum). Keep in mind that if you are holding two balls at a time and the 5 second warning is enforced, BOTH balls must be thrown within the 5 seconds. Even if you drop one ball, it must still be thrown, otherwise you will lose possession of the ball and the ref will ask you to roll the ball in possession to the other side.
  4. Once you are eliminated, you must throw your hands in the air and make every effort to leave the court immediately. An ‘Out’ player who tries to block a ball while leaving the court will have the closest player on their team called ‘Out.’ Players who have been called out cannot retrieve stray balls for their teammates.
  5. Once a ball is released from a throw, it’s “LIVE”. If two opposing players throw at different times but hit one another, both players are considered out. (also see “continuation” below)
  6. Deflections: A ball that is thrown hitting another ball (in someone’s possession or not) or a player is STILL LIVE i.e. Deflections off of a teammate do count and both players will be out. If the deflected ball is caught by any in-bound player prior to the ball becoming dead, the thrower is out and the catching team can return a player. This includes hitting a blocking player after the ball is deflected off a ball used to block. Deflections can hit any part of the body including the face/head. The person being hit will be out, the ball will be dead AFTER hitting someone in the face/head, and the ref will stop play to ensure the player is OK.
  7. If a ball is used to block a ball and the thrown ball deflects off the held ball and hits any part of the blocking player, except the head, then the blocking player is out. If deflected it into a player’s own face, it’s deemed a “no call”. The reason for this is you can’t get out by getting hit in the head. But it can’t be called a “head shot” because it was deflected.
  8. Once a ball is in the air it’s “live”. If two opposing players throw at different times but hit one another, both players are considered out.
  9. If a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession, it does not make either player out. If the ball is dropped as a result of contact from the thrown ball, then the player who drops the ball is out.
  10. A player cannot touch any part of their opponent’s side of the court. Leaning over the center line to retrieve a ball is allowed. Touching the centerline with your feet or hands is a foul and the player will be called out.
  11. A player returning to the play after a catch has 5 seconds of being “safe”. BUT if they get involved in the play (i.e. pick up a ball etc.) they are considered “in play” again.
  12. For safety reasons, players are not allowed to stand/bounce on the same trampoline. Any players that continue to abuse this rule could be called “out” if they have already been repeatedly warned by the Ref.
  13. Minimum requirements: 6 players per team with a 10 player max per team.
  14. Any of the players on the active roster can start and enter the game (i.e. when your teammate catches a ball).


  • Head Shots – A player getting hit in the neck or above must call, out loud, “head shot” so the other team knows they’ve been hit. The thrower would then be called “out”. Referees should then take a quick time-out to make sure the hit player is OK. However, the Ref can overrule this if they determine the hit player was clearly ducking, bending over or purposefully getting hit in the head – in this case it’s considered a “no call” and both players – the thrower and person getting hit – are safe and can continue playing. This is at sole discretion of the Referee.
  • Live Ball – A ball that has been thrown and has not touched the floor/ground, the ceiling, the back wall, the official or other item outside of the playing field.
  • Air Suicides – When a player jumps in the air before the neutral zone trampoline to throw a ball and lands on the neutral zone trampoline. The player will be called out immediately and any balls they threw will not be counted.